10 Conversation Quick Starts

There’s one big mistake most of us make all the time in conversations with potential clients… until we know better.

It goes like this: You’re interested in working with this person because you think they’re going to be a great fit, you like what they’re trying to do, and you want to help them.

So, you start talking with them and it starts out great. You ask them a question, they answer, and it’s all good.

Then they ask you a question about you. That’s where it goes off the rails. You think to yourself, “great, now they want to know about me, I’ll tell them, and then they can know if it’s right for us to work together.” Ouch, BIG mistake!

Most people ask you about you because that’s considered polite, and it’s what we’re trained to do in conversation. But the truth is, we generally don’t actually care about another person we don’t know yet. What we really want is to feel seen, heard, and understood.

And if you can create the feeling for someone that you see them, hear them, and understand them, they are going to want to work with you.

The way to do that is to have a conversation where you KEEP the focus on them. If they ask you a question, you quickly ask them another question that keeps them talking about themselves. This might sound challenging, but I have a way to make it easy.

It’s 10 Conversation Quick Starts that you can keep in your pocket (or on your phone).

Once you know these, you’ll want to always have them nearby because you can use them any time, and you never know when you’re going to meet a potential ideal client.

These are questions you can use to start a great conversation or keep a conversation going. When you ask a great question, it starts a great conversation. When they stop talking or ask about you, you just move on to another one of these 10 magical questions.

This keeps you in the driver’s seat, which is where you want to be if your dream is for them to become a client.

Sound good? Great, I want to give you these questions, which will change everything!