A Winning Introduction in 60 Seconds or Less Recipe – Video 1

Create your introduction/welcome video, 60 seconds or less.

Your Elevator Speach or Welcome Video has many uses. Here is the recipe on how to write one. This is a quick start guide.

Note: This is not meant for you to be perfect straight out of the gate. You will continue to improve this over time as you get to know your perfect audience and your offer.

Answer the question “What do you do?” For example . . .

Step 1.
Introduce yourself –

  • Your NAME
  • Title – founder/she-e-o/creator etc. of _

Example – I am (Your Name), the creator of (product name)

Step 2.

I help [your ideal client – postal workers] to [your solution – pain free] so that [benefit statement – relieve pain, don’t miss work, enjoy life ].

I help _____________ by _________________________ so that they _____________________.

Step 3.
Add your competitive edge, what makes you unique in the market and/or an impressive accomplishment.

Step 4.
Add social proof – the result your program has created for your client.

Step 5.
What is that urgent, big problem that you solve for your clients? What is the transformation your client makes? Make sure you say it in terms your ideal clients will understand. Speak their language. If your target audience is postal workers speak in their language. Think of the pain points that you solve for them.

Step 6.
Add your website or contact info at the end so you can make this an actual working sales tool, (so next time you join an online group & you’re asked to introduce yourself, you can say this or post it!)

State Your Call to Action Clearly and Confidently

Step 7.
What do you want your viewer to do?

Note – When you give people a direct instruction on what you want them to do, be clear and confident. Do not stutter or mumble.

If your video is more than 60 seconds state your call to action every minute, just in case your viewer stops watching early in your video.

Make sure your call to action is consistent with what the viewer is experiencing as they watch your video. If your viewer is on your landing page look at your landing page and talk about what they are seeing.

Example 1 “Connect with me at BrandWorxProductions.com”

Example 2 “Select the Get Access Button right below me”

Example 3“All you have to do is put in your name and email and select Yes I’m In! and I will see you there!”

You will want to tailor your call to action to fit your specific message and cuurent offer.

Important thing is you need to remember to say it.

Step 8. How to position yourself in the video frame.
1. Center position
Top of head at the top of the video frame
Enough chest room for banners. logos, closed captioning and the video play bar.
Connect your eyes with the lense.
Good lighting. This shot has 4 light sources lighting my set and my face. (Natural light is the best.)

Now hit RECORD.

(This example video was recorded using zoom.us. There are many ways to record video.)

Now you have a GREAT Pitch video that you can use for many things when giving an offer or a “pitch” if you happen to get a chance to pitch your idea to investors, clients or be a guest on Shark Tank!

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