Discover How to Use Visual Communication
to Draw Clients to You

Create visual branding that says what you do before you say a word

Your visual communication–things like your logos, images, colors–says as much about your business as any words that you either say or put in text. Have you ever been driving down the highway, and you look over, see a billboard, and it’s so busy, the text so small, you look at it for a second, can’t figure out what it’s about, and you turn away. That’s what you want to avoid. You want to be the billboard you look at it for a split second and you know what it is (milk, pain-free dentist, diner at the next exit). Or even better, maybe you can get to be like McDonalds and just see the golden arches and know everything you need to know. Our goal, and what we’re going to talk about today is how to make your visual communication speak that loudly and clearly to people, so it’s doing the work for you. And this is especially important when you can’t speak and there is no audio.

You can’t know what should visually say unless know what clients want. What does your most profitable client want solved? This will create your unique image and separate from you from a saturated market and the competition.

Example–pizza place, incredible. Looked like a *&^%. (The business owner hadn’t thought about what it his signage looked like at all hours of the day). Another example–thought my friend’s beauty salon was a Chinese restaurant.

If you leave the person totally confused in your visual branding, if they don’t know what you’re talking about or think you’re solving a different problem, you’re never going to get the business of the right clientele. You’ll be invisible to them. The wrong visuals make you invisible. The value of brand–not understanding this can equate to thousands of dollars of lost opportunity. And when you don’t solve this, you will never know about lost opportunities.

Action Steps:

  1. First do a trademark search.
  2. If you have a logo, get clear on what changes need to be made.