Tune-up Your Existing Visual Communications
So They Really Drive Business Your Way

(Facebook page, business cards, brochures, etc.)

Now that you’ve done some work on your logo, and are on the way to tell the story of what you really do, it’s time to tune up the rest of your visual communications.

You never know when you’re going to meet the person who is your ideal client. For example, I had a client working at a coffee shop talking about her business, and a guy wearing dark glasses was nearby looking at her, at first it seemed creepy, but it turned out he was really interested in her business. She knew exactly what to say fortunately.

But has it ever happened to you out in the world where someone asks what you do, and you’re kind of at a loss for words, have nothing to give them, didn’t know what to say, stumbled over your words, and didn’t reveal what you do in a way that hooked them and could have been really good for that person? What we’re going to do today is create an identity system so you never have to be caught off guard, and whenever you’re out in the world, you’ll be fully prepared to talk about what you do in the most effective way so if they’re the right person for you, they’ll get it. If you don’t do this, you leave lots of money on the table, and are missing the opportunity to work with a lot of people you can help. An Identity system sells for you, so this is perfect for you if you don’t like to sell because when you have this system when you’re sharing it with the right person, they’ll just automatically want what you have because they’ll see what it can do for them. (and/or they may refer others to you). An identity system gets people to the buying decision much faster.

How to test your logo:

• What formats will your logo be used in? What formats do you want to use your logo in?

• Create FB business page or private group page to test that the logo works, want to start with the smallest space it will be in

• What to do if it isn’t working. Remove the details that are hard to read.

How to create an Identity System:

•  An identity system is a system where everything is cohesive and consistent (business card, website, etc. all look and feel the same. A family of touch points, stands alone and works together). Leaves people thinking this company has it together, I know exactly what they do.

•  How do you sell what you do? Think of the anatomy of a sale for yourself from the first touch point to the last.

How to use identity system as a connection tool, sales tool, and networking tool to get leads

Your identity system needs to make people feel that what you’re offering is of the value you’re charging or greater. Creates the experience of “I will receive what you say you are offering”. Or better yet, “I can’t live without that! It is exactly what I am looking for!”

Action Steps:

  1. Start creating pieces for 3 steps of your identity system. (could be FB page, business card)