Turn Quick Decisions Into Right Decisions Workshop

I’m going to teach you a new way of making a decision so you always make decisions that are aligned with your deepest values, your vision, and that move your life and business forward.

If you’re used to being indecisive and second-guessing yourself, this is also going to make your decision making a lot faster and alleviate a lot of stress.

This is how a lot of people typically make decisions: should I do this or not, what are other people doing, ask wife, what will people think, get 2nd or 5th opinion, take a poll on facebook.

And the problem with this is not only do you feel crappy and stressed when you struggle w/decision making and second-guessing, but over time it does some serious injury to your business and costs you a fortune. Lost opportunity, time, energy, focus. And time, energy, and focus are the most valuable things in your company.

As you get more successful, with more decisions to make, you have less time, and being able to make quick decisions you’re confident in is a must.

People who are really successful are usually the ones who exude confidence and part of that confidence is their ability to make quick decisions. They would rather trust themselves and make a quick decision even if later it turns out not to be 100% right, because they will end up better off and their business will be better off than if they got stuck in indecision and second guessing.

I’m going to teach you a powerful tool I created for myself that really revolutionized how I make decisions and has made it so much easier. I started using it with my clients and they are blown away and having transformations as a result.

If you would like help with creating your own Quick Decision Making Card or you would like to take me up on my offer for a breakthrough session book a call with me

Core values

I help people build a business based on their core purpose. The way that you build a business based on your core purpose is not just by knowing that purpose, but also with every decision you make, if every decision is based on your values. Every little and big decision, day in day out, is how you build a purpose-driven business you will love and feel excited about.

So how do you get clear what your core values are?

There are 100s of values are out there, and we want to focus. So, I’ll give you 100 to choose from, and you can pick the ones with the most meaning to you, and then narrow that down to 7. Some are similar, so pick the one in each group with the most meaning for you (give example).

Next you need to define the values based on what they mean to you. You can use a dictionary as a guide, but this is about your own meaning. You can use other words in the groups in your definition. (give example)

Once you have your 7 values and your personal definitions, you have the content for the front of the card. So now let’s move on to the equally important back of the card.


There are 5 areas of your life affected by core values, and you want to pay attention to them more or less equally. These 5 areas of life make us who we are:

could be about looking for spouse, relationship with spouse, could be relationships with children (example life with my son at 10), relationship with pets, could be business connections, whatever it is to you

could be the home want to live in, location, emotions your environment needs to create for you (water- front property in Wisconsin that allows me to live abundant lifestyle).

Passion/ free time
how you want to spend your time (read one new book a month, cook one new recipe a week, visit 3 new places each year as I pursue adventures life has to offer). could be fishing, jet-skiing, whatever.

what wealth means to you, finding that. could be dollar amounts, could be how abundant you want to feel. (example—story of my wealth vision, got 30K when set the vision of 12K residual income combined with service income of 15K/month)

whatever you want to create for yourself so can feel good, feeling good is the main thing. More important than your wealth. (example–reverse biological age doing cardio, weight, healthy skin, digestive system).

Think of what you want to create 6 years from now. Find image on google you love. Define what you see in that image, create story. Can use your core values in your vision statement or tell a quick story of what you’re doing. Talk about it as if in the present.

How to use this card

Using this card is about making your vision become part of you, reading it throughout day.

Sometimes you have to make a hard decision and make it fast. You need to make sure the decision is in alignment with what you’re about. When you can’t make a decision, use the card.

When you’re making a decision, sometimes emotions get in the way, social pressure, all of those kinds of things, and using this card will undercut all of that–other peoples’ decisions don’t affect you when you follow your heart.

Use it when out with family, which can affect decisions when it comes to your food choices. Use it when you are out and about meeting people for the first time.

After you’ve made an aligned decision, you feel free. You’re honoring yourself.

If fear starts coming in, look at how it’s costing you your vision, look at the card.

Once you know your values and you know how to make right decisions based on them, you’re ready to be an influencer and have an impact on the world.

And that’s why this process I just taught you is the foundation I use with my clients and the jumping off point to becoming more of an influencer and having the biggest impact you’re meant to have.

So if you have a business, you can probably imagine what would happen if every decision you made was aligned with your deepest core values. You would be bringing in more income and getting clients much more easily. And you’d be loving what you do even more. If you can picture that and it sounds good, then we should talk because I would love to help you with that. So I’ve opened up a few spots on my calendar to help you put your vision into action. We’ll identify money-making steps that totally support your deepest vision of who you want to be and what you want your business to be in this world.

So many entrepreneurs are stuck right now doing busy work. And ironically, all the hard work they’re doing is actually taking them further away from their dreams. If this is the year you’re ready to be less busy and more effective in actually making your dreams happen, then let’s jump on the phone.

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